If you were convicted before April 2011, and wish that you were one of the CONSOLIDATED Doe, et.al. vs. Snyder  plaintiffs, then you really don't want to miss this opportunity to get onboard with the recently CONSOLIDATED Spencer, et. al. vs Director of State Police  case now pending in the Michigan Court of Claims.  On 01/23/2017 Judge Boonstra ordered that the recent onslaught of plaintiffs now seeking relief from the retroactive application of SORA's 2006 & 2011 amendments' registration requirements all be CONSOLIDATED into one case: Spencer, et. al, vs. Director of State Police, just like what happened in the Doe, et. al.  vs. Snyder  case.  Click Here to see the consolidation order then close the new window to return to this page.

By now you've probably heard about Doe, et. al. vs. Snyder,  834 F.3d 696 (6th Cir. 2016), where the United States Court of Appeals ordered Governor Rick Snyder and Michigan Department of State Police Director Kriste Kibbie Etue to cease retroactive enforcement of the Sex Offender Registration Act's (SORA) 2006 and 2011 amendments against the five plaintiffs who were CONSOLIDATED into one lawsuit.  Those five people can no longer be found on the Sex Offender Registry and they will not be prosecuted for failure to update registration information.

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If you think the Legislature is just going to stand by idle once Spencer , et. al, vs. Director of State Police  is decided - - if you don't think the Legislature will do everything that it can to stop even more people from regaining their dignity and honor by obtaining removal of their name from the sex offender registry, then just keep sitting on your hands.  On the other hand, if you are awake and want your life back, then get your unlimited access code to download our Deluxe PDF containing the legal forms, documents and instructions created by the same author that the lead plaintiff used in Spencer , et. al, vs. Director of State Police!  Even more, at no extra charge, you unlimited access code automatically adds you to our emailing list to receive free updates in the case.   The goal is for all consolidated plaintiffs to obtain justice.  All but a very small portion of the proceeds go to cover the costs of maintaining web domains, clerical staff, postage and supplies necessary to notify those qualified of the potential for the restoration of their honor and integrity.

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