June 23,2017 

Today, registrants convicted prior to April 2011 comprise approximately 2/3 of the registry.  State employees are scared to death of losing 26,000 plus registrants with nobody to replace them.  You can be sure that Michigan will drag its feet for at least 10 years while new blood is being added to the registry.  Only then will it come into compliance with the recent federal court ruling that prohibits retroactive application of SORA to those convicted prior to the 2006 and 2011 amendments.  Until then, unless you have joined us and we prevail in the Court of Claims, State employees will do everything they can to keep you on the registry - - including lying to you by telling you that this grassroots movement is a scam! 

Remember that we are already challenging the registry in the Michigan Court of Claims!  Our goal is to get State of Michigan employees (State Police, Parole Officers, etc.)  to comply with the recent Does v Snyder  Opinion so that all the consolidated plaintiffs in the now pending case of: Spencer, et. al. v Department of State Police Director,  who were convicted prior to April 2011 will be immediately and irrevocably exempted from the registry! Those who don’t join us now because they believe the State will be generous with them if we prevail need to understand that the only people who were exempted so far are the 5 Doe v Snyder  plaintiffs.  Bottom line, if you’re not a plaintiff - - don’t expect any favors from the State.  Don’t be left behind again like we all were with Doe v Snyder!  We operate on a shoestring budget and gladly accept donations to help us meet our costly goal of personally notifying everyone on the registry.

Use PayPal Credit and pay six monthly payments of $35 with no interest if paid in full and on time.